Bagmati Promenade


10 months ago

Transformation of the City’s History through the River

Bagmati Promenade: Thapathali-Teku, heritage walk designed by Storycycle with the British Council Nepal in collaboration with Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward 11 and 12 people living and working in the vicinity and/or having a special affinity conducted the mega event on 27th July inaugurated by Bidya Sundar Shakya, mayor of Kathmandu with parallel walks held under themes like Safeguarding Bagmati by Hiralal Tandukar, Storytelling by Sanjib Chaudhary, Philosophy by Chief Priest(Mahant) Pushpa Raj, Heritage and Heritage Mobility by Alok Siddhi Tuladhar and Shriju Pradhan, Environment by Saurav Dhakal, Architecture by Anjela Tamrakar, Mapping by Sushil Dhakal and Water system by Samita Kapali.  Speaking on the occasion, Hiralal Tandukar, chairperson of ward 11 of Kathmandu municipality, highlighted the Bagmati heritage and emphasized that the consciousness of youth towards  the heritage today and they are always eager and enthusiastic to learn about the heritage. The heritage walk was started from Thapathali Chess-Park through Akhadas, Kalmochan Ghat, Tripurasundari, Chandra Ghat, Puret Ghat, Pachali Bhairav, Teku Dovan and ended at Jagannath Temple.

Through these heritage walks, we are aiming at making the local community and commuters aware of the preservation and promotion of culture and natural heritage. These walks will also mobilise the youth, engage and integrate them into the movement for sustainable conservation with the aid of technology. Further, the walks will integrate heritage site monitoring using a geospatial method, over time, as a preventive conservation measure which helps promote the cohesion of cultural and environmental values. Such walking trails in the field of heritage emphasize the preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage and provide a wonderful opportunity to understand the history of cities and the cities that have changed over time. This program tinted the conservation of heritage by highlighting more important historical and cultural issues. It links historical events, religious and social life with modern society.