Jung Bahadur Rana


11 months ago

This was built by Jung Bahadur Shah in 1874 AD as part of Thapathali palace complex. The temple was also named as ‘Jange Hiranya Hem Narayan Temple’ after his 2 wives, which is located at Kalmochan ghat. It is rumored that he buried the elites murdered during Kot Massacre in 1846 under this temple. The temple area has been a place for mourning for the deceased of Shah and Rana families. It was severely damaged by the 2015 earthquake.

The main temple is surrounded by 6 different temples with feel of Moghul architecture with Hindu features. It is built on square base  with four doorwasy and two rows of lattice windows. It has 4 legendarsy griffins on the cornice of the first storey. in front of the temple there is a lifesize stature of Jung  Bahadur on a stone pillar. Bronze Garuda statue below the pillar is considered a marvelous piece of metal art of Rana period.