Pachali Bhairav


9 months ago

A conglomeration of Hindu, Buddhist, Sakta and Vaishnava sects, Pachali Ghat is like an open air museum of stone art. In a small area of 50 m radius there are more than 80 different stone sculptures belonging to different periods of history.

Among the many rest houses in the ghat, a sattal constructed by Ambal Bakhu Sing in 1813 AD lies in the western direction and in the eastern end other sattals constructed by Anirudha, Dhoj, Bhadra Sing, Bal Bhadra and Narayan in 1795 AD. The sattal with a small temple of Ramchandra on the right side on the way to Pachali Bhairav was constructed by Bhagiratha Devi Mulmi of Tangal tole in 1951 AD.