Rishing, Tanahun

Cities for the Youth

Cities for the Youth is a campaign conceived and designed by American Embassy and StoryCycle intended to enable youths of particular localities to engage others (including the government) on issues of city development.

CFY Platform

Cities for the Youth is a  campaign conceived and designed by American Embassy and StoryCycle intended to enable youths of particular localities to engage others (including the government) on issues of city development. Through several capacity building exercises and interaction with experts and authorities, We intend to support youth, through storytelling and data collection, to exercise their right to information and expression for personal and communal benefits – realizing nuanced and informed narratives for consideration of a range of stakeholders and the general public. 

The campaign aims to focus on empowering local youth and community institutions to take an active part in designing and making their places vibrant by using technology and storytelling tools.  The campaign focuses on nurturing/ attracting and retaining talent, expanding economic opportunities and creating a robust culture of civic engagement. By using this concept, the campaign aims to take an active part in working with at least 15 to 20 cities by 2025.

Campaign Activities

  • To collaborate with the different levels of stakeholders within the city to build an implementation plan to create a prosperous, resilient and democratic society.
  • To mobilize the local youths for their active participation in developing the plan using technology.
  • To empower the government for developing and integrating the implementation plan with the newly created plan for building better cities and take ownership of the campaign for effective governance and economic development.


Rishing Rural Municipality is situated in the southern part of Tanahun District. The name Rishing is believed to have come after hermit named Rishing, who meditated in the place called Ajhambari Mai, one of the famous religious sites. Rishing Rural Municipality further divided into 8 wards.

Agriculture is the vital source of income. Citrus farming is one of the prime cash crops , beside Paddy, millet, soybean, mustard are main food crops. People also have rare cattles for living.Citrus farming is one of the prime cash crops , beside Paddy, millet, soybean, mustard are main food crops. People also have rare cattles for living.

The place is  majorly inhabited by Magar ethnic group (61.87% according  to census 2011). The natives have carried out the ancient magar tradition till date. Rishing  Rural municipality provides an opportunity to experience pristine culture. 

Youth Mobilization

With the assistance of local government officers, youths from all 8 wards were gathered. As per the scheduled activity, the youths were provided training on mapping and storytelling using the StoryStudio app. The training also hosted the members of  the local government officials, local residents and Public Meeting attendees in order to validate the data obtained from the training with the local experts and authorities. 

Throughout the training, the participants, especially youths were asked to present the current situation of the youth within the Rishing rural municipality. Series of semi formal interviews were organized in order to get the on-going activities for youth in the area from the local government level. The interview also gathered some key points on steps and activities taken by the local government to encourage the local employment and discourage any form of migration. In the following activities, the participants travelled along the core team to collect the stories and conduct local mapping.

The rate of migration of youths from the Rishing Rural Municipality was tremendous. The youths migrated to the nearby cities such as Damauli, Pokhara and Chitwan in search of employment. Besides, on the basis of interviews conducted, many youths had returned on their vacation,and had plans to return to the destination countries for better income.

The interviews conducted with the youths clarified the lack of commitment from the government side to support the local business and youths for the sustainable economy.


StoryStudio is a mobile application developed by StoryCycle that enables local people, journalist and communities to tell their stories, promote local content and indigenous knowledge. Firstly, training was given to the youth on the application and with the help of it, Map points, local stories and many images were collected, which will be uploaded in google maps and visualized in google earth. The goal of the application is to increase the quality of the stories and online presence of the place.

Data Driven Decision Making

Data becomes crucial during crises like natural disasters and pandemics. They can occur at any time , anywhere, causing massive destruction. Collaborative data collection and sharing makes humanitarian and relief efforts more effective. 

Data collection and data processing offer insight and intelligence for relief agencies. Gathering and processing data quickly is essential to the efficiency and effectiveness of disaster response and relief, as well as preparedness and recovery strategies.

StoryCycle collected data and analyzed the gaps in relief and reconstruction efforts during the 2014 Nepal earthquake to design a Build Camp to help reconstruct the areas in need of support. The data collected by StoryCycle at Tanahun would be crucial in planning and responding to any future natural disasters.

Having access to data, through a variety of sources, will enable the government and relief organizations to strategize on how best to help those in need during crises when every extra second counts. 

Activities and Outputs

Stakeholder Meeting

Preliminary meeting was held in the rural municipality’s office with the mayor and ward chairpersons to sensitize and bring everyone together in one place. It was important for the municipality to take ownership and endorse this with modesty for this campaign to be successful.

StoryCamp and MapUp Camp

The story camp, with the help of youth leaders will identify such candidates and train them in telling the stories in the most effective manner. The story camp will be conducted to all kinds of stakeholders working in the rural municipality. The participants will be oriented on the methods of better storytelling with the available resources and technologies. Besides, the participants will also be oriented on mapping up the available resources in the community, such as local business shops, local entrepreneurs and local products available in the community.

Google My Maps visualization of Map Points collected using StoryStudio and uploaded on Google Maps
Google Earth Visualization of stories developed in text, photo and video format. Click here to go to Google Earth Page and explore more

Dream Camp

The local communities, Youths and community leaders together assess what the place was like 10 years earlier and what they want the place to look like after 10 years. The workshop will also link the communities with potential actors that can support in the development of the place. Participants will also collect related stories. Activities of this stage are focus group discussions, questionnaires, One on One interview with the youth.


Build Camp is a training series focused on local engineers, developers, local government and leaders to help them plan the structure of their cities. It was inaugurated in Rishing Rural Municipality office on Feb 21, where proposed activities were discussed and themes along with it’s mentors were introduced to the participants. Agriculture, Culture and Tourism are three major themes under which proposed activities are divided. The ongoing projects of Rural Muncipality are collected and brought and redesigned in the form of initiatives by the mentors of each themes. Initiatives will be later documented in Knowledge Hub, an online platform for everyone to access.

Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub /online platform is in development from all the data collected throughout the project where information from different wards will be visualized and documented. 

Interactive maps will also be developed where users can stroll around to view the information they want. There will be one page of every city we work on which will be added in our site  www.dreamcities.org including the respective website pages of rural municipalities.

Local municipalities will have full access to the data and can use the following information in planning and decision making.