Let’s Build Your City

Our Approach to Empowering Local Youths to create Democratic and Sustainable Cities

September 13, 2022

Our Dream City is a campaign designed by StoryCycle that focuses on empowering local youth and communities to take active part in designing and making their places vibrant by using technology. The campaign focuses enabling instigators with digital tools, arts and a platform to engage their own community as well as civic processes.

The Government of Nepal  is now transitioned into a federal structure. The demarcation of seven provinces encompasses the induction of many new local governments and city development projects envisioned to support the decentralization of country governance. This recent development presents immense potential to create linkages between multiple stakeholders, especially between citizens and governmental agencies to promote better accountability in processes and projects. At the grassroots level, constructive and continuous engagement can inspire active citizens and authorities to work together for collective gains. Development of localities and places, although mostly instigated by the state, should appropriately account for the diverse perspectives and issues that essentially become the context within which such efforts transpire (often in ignorance of that context).

Need Analysis

Need analysis decides which needs to have the highest priority. It is the difference between the way things are and the way they should be. It determines the facts about the current situation and identify areas for potential improvement. It identifies needs by gathering information. It defines the needs and makes a plan to address them.


The story camp, with the help of youth leaders will identify such candidates and train them in telling the stories in the most effective manner. The story camp will be conducted to all kinds of stakeholders working in the rural municipality. The participants will be oriented on the methods of better storytelling with the available resources and technologies.

MapUp Camp

Besides, the participants will also be oriented on the mapping up the available resources in the community, such as local business shops, local entrepreneurs and local product available in the community.

Dream Camp

The local communities, Youths and community leaders will together assess what the place was like 10 years earlier and what they want the place to look like after 10 years. The workshop will also link the communities with potential actors that can support in the development of the place. Participants will also collect related stories. 

Build Camp

Build Camp is a training series focused on local engineers, developers, local government and leaders to help them plan the structure of their cities. We will facilitate on the design process and make a business plan of that. And the idea will be  to collaborate with city planning team.