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Virtual Heritage Tour – Inviting tour leaders to take digital audiences on tours of locations around Nepal and the world.

Virtual Heritage Tours are a series of digital storytelling that invite tour leaders to take digital audiences on tours of locations around Nepal and the world.

Virtual Heritage Tours are a series of digital storytelling that invite tour leaders to take digital audiences on tours of locations around Nepal and the world. The monthly series has taken numerous themes including climate change in the Himalayas and most recently gender through special edition for the Women of the World Festival Nepal’s Virtual programs. 

Through the VHT series, Story Cycle and the British Council have not only increased the digital footprint of isolated and remote outposts of Nepal but have created legacy documents that are full of expert knowledge about these locations and the challenges they face. It has also enhanced the ability to lead the tours to tell better stories about their work.

Previous Editions of Virtual Heritage Tour

Virtual Heritage Tour – COP26:Next steps for Nepal

In this episode of VHT, Dev Kumar Subedi, Pashupati Nath Koirala and Radha Wagle discuss about ways in which Nepal can contribute to reducing global emissions and where the country is at the moment in regards to its implementation plan.

Virtual Heritage Tour – Bankatta, Chitwan

Organized on the occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity, Bankatta, Madi, Chitwan where Sustainable Mountain Architecture (SMA) is constructing homestay and community hall based on traditional architecture coupled with modern climate-efficient design and training / awareness creation to women’s groups who will manage the homestay business as a welcome source of additional local income.

Virtual Heritage Tour – Thori, Parsa

For tenth and Women of the World(WOW) edition of Virtual Heritage tour, we are taking you to Thori, Parsa to discuss the water crisis the people have been facing for years.

Virtual Heritage Tour Dharche

Alija Gurung, a denizen of Dharche, has won the title of Ms Indigenous 2019. She led a tour to Dharche, home to a number of traditionally animist indigenous communities. The literal meaning of Dharche refers to the tradition of installing prayer flags on hills and in the rivers for the well-being and success of travellers from the villages.

Bhaktapur by Night

The VHT Bhaktapur: A Cultural City was led by Rita Suwal, a heritage guide for Bhaktapur. She takes us to the prominent areas of Bhaktapur with night ambience covering monuments, most terra-cotta with carved wood columns, palaces and temples with elaborate carvings, gilded roofs, open courtyards. 

Seven Summits

The seventh edition of VHT is a special edition organized in collaboration with WOW Virtual Nepal 2020, a month-long online women festival. The tour will be led by Shailee Basnet, an Everest submitter turned comedian, is the leader of the ‘Seven Summits Women Team’, world’s first female group to climb the highest mountain in each continent. She will be sharing some of the hard-earned insights learned both on and off the mountains. Click the button below to participate.


Virtual Heritage Tour Saipal was led by Bhoj Raj Bhat. In the tour, he guided us on the cultural and natural attractions. Bhoj Raj Bhat, a resident of the far-west and the journalist, movie maker, known for his documentary ‘Sunakali’ and the director of the expedition Mission Saipal, a mission to bring a social change in that community by liberating the women from discrimination in the Saipal region.


Dhe villagers are struggling with their traditional modes of subsistence due to the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events linked to climate change and environmental degradation in the region. Dwindling natural resources and the speed of the change are further affecting the resilience of the community. Their indigenous knowledge and adaptive techniques are becoming insufficient, and thus ineffective, forcing both individuals and communities to migrate elsewhere for survival as the last resort-Dhe: A Moving Story.


International Everest Day has been observed on 29th May by the world’s highest Everest summiteer for a maximum number of times Kami Rita Sherpa. He has taken a tour to his native land Thame Village, Sherpas traditions, their history in the Everest expedition to celebrate this year’s International Everest Day.


Lumbini, in the western Tarai plains of Nepal, is popular as the birthplace of Buddha. The only UNESCO cultural heritage site outside Kathmandu Valley, Lumbini has many beautiful monuments and shrines built with the help of devotees from around the world. The main attraction in Lumbini is the sacred garden accommodating the Maya Devi temple depicting the birth of Lord Buddha, the Tank where Maya Devi is supposed to have taken a bath before the baby was born and the Ashoka Pillar pointing Buddha’s birthplace and other holy sites all around the place. A visit to sacred Lumbini definitely ensures peace of mind and the principles of Buddha and PEACE is what our world needs today more than anything else. A symbol of unity in diversity, Lumbini is regarded as the fountain of world peace.


Nepal experienced a major earthquake – with epicentre in Gorkha district’s Barpak – on April 25, 2015, which triggered the huge loss of lives and property, unprecedented in the country’s history. Almost the entire Barpak was flattened, with huge loss of lives and property. 

Bagmati Promenade

StoryCycle has been able to bring in community leaders, youth leaders and government leaders in one place and their support for the campaign further in the future. We were able to build a strong relationship with the Ward Chairperson-11 and City Planning Commission of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City(KMC) and have pledged to contribute to our efforts to create situational analysis reports regarding Thapathali-Teku Stretch. A detailed mapping and digital documentation have been carried out which covering the cultural and religious sites. Through these heritage walks, we are aiming at making the local community and commuters aware of the preservation and promotion of culture and natural heritage. These walks will also mobilise the youth, engage and integrate them into the movement for sustainable conservation with the aid of technology.

If you would like to lead a tour of your place, please email us at contact@storycycle.com