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Plantation Toolkit – A Guide to Effective Plantation

June 2, 2021

The plantation Toolkit is a guide to effective plantation in urban areas. It is a joint effort between the Department of Forest and Soil Conservation and StoryCycle realised under the British Council’s Road to COP26 campaign which is supported by the British Embassy in Kathmandu.

Through this resource you can learn to plant trees effectively whether the site is a personal garden, road and riverside spaces or community park. It details plants most suited for cities, covering three ecological zones that comprise Nepal’s distinct geographies: mountainous, mid-hills, and terai flat-lands. 

वृक्षारोपण टूलकिटको नेपाली संस्करण(Nepali Version of Plantation Toolkit)

Information on nurseries and seedling service providers is included to enhance access to pre-requisite resources. The design, development and delivery of plantation events or campaigns in urban settings is fully detailed within the toolkit. Finally, carbon sequestration calculation guide is enclosed to help initiators calculate their carbon offset.

Download Nepali Version of the Plantation Toolkit

हरित गाउँ – सहर
प्रभावकारी वृक्षरोपण मार्गदर्शन

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Department of Forest & Soil Conservation
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Research Assistant
Mahesh Shrestha

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